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Our social media Facebook Advertising experts take small business internet marketing to the next level with Facebook PPC ad campaigns. From initial setup to weekly tracking, you can manage your campaign details and adjust them based on the effectiveness of your campaigns to get the most leads at the lowest possible price.

With over 1.4 billion active users, Facebook is easier than ever to reach a target audience, increasing sales for small businesses. Facebook Ads Services can place all brands of very specific user groups right on your mobile device or desktop, and target people by age, gender, location, income, interests, job, education, etc. By paying just $ 5 a day, your small business can certainly attract the people that matter most: potential customers.

Facebook advertising services include:

  • Create a login page
  • Call tracking
  • Customer targeting
  • Copy and image of Facebook ad
  • Configure multiple campaigns
  • Monitored and maintained weekly to maximize return on investment
  • Monthly performance report

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These ads are very helpful in increasing traffic to your domain. You can drive visitors to your blog, rush them to check out the latest products, or send them to a landing page that includes a contact form and special offers. Call-to-action buttons can be added to promote specific actions for the ads.

Site conversion

If you want your audience to "do something" on your website, this type of ad is useful. First, you add a Facebook conversion pixel to your website to track the number of Facebook visitors and conversions that have come to your website. Next, we optimize our advertisements so that users can perform certain actions on our websites, such as signing up for newsletters and purchasing products. Ads like this should add a call to action.

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